Saturday, May 4, 2013

No. Anger. Control

No Anger Control has got to be one of my favorite punk rock bands in Charlotte right now.
 Raw, real music. They came about as an effort to reboot When it Hits (another favorite).
Formed as a three piece with original music, meaning...separate from When it Hits. They played together a few times and decided to audition a vocalist only member. So Tiff, who was formerly in the Bamf's, auditioned and then tore up the stage at her first show.

 Has anyone noticed No Anger Control is veritably a punk rock super group?
One of my favorite things about talking to these guys was their sense of humor. They, despite their name, almost never stopped laughing. They have a particularly funny story about a show they played at the Money. Or whatever it's called now. It was a Christmas show and the venue had set up a laser light show and smoke machines. They said to turn that shit off when they played. Tiff stood on the speakers and heckled the crowd. Levi, after explaining that it was the "Punk Rock Christmas Party" and they were the only punk rock band, decided to turn it all the way up.

He jumps and lands right in front of the drums. And rolls his ankle. The joke here isn't that he hurt his ankle. It's the quip that was made that he now has no ankle control...and has to wear high tops while playing.
 They're pumping out recordings. They have koozies. Tall boy koozies. I see them everywhere and they haven't sold one yet.
They're working on a tour, maybe. So, my outside of Charlotte friends, keep an eye for these guys at your local venues. Or even better, hit 'em up on Facebook and get them to your favorite club.
You can listen to them here. 
There's more photos of them on my photography page.