Thursday, March 1, 2012

Learning me

I decided that my first post should be an introduction. I've learned over the past few years that I didn't really know me, I imagine most of you don't either.
I'm a photographer..but I like to think of myself as more of a picture taker, a capturer of moments.

I love snapping when people are telling a story or a joke. Something that delights them genuine emotion can't be replaced with a posed portrait. I think this must be the reason that children and animals photograph do well. The ability to forget yourself and just be really allows for a good picture. Anxiousness and nerves translate, maybe this is why I don't photograph well. Maybe.
No idea, but I'm sure it was a hilarious joke...
I have also been told, from a seemingly reliable source, that making lists really makes life better. I make lists of things I love, things I've learned, people I love, and even things I list. It's a real stress reliever.
I want you, my avid reader, to expect things from me as a writer/picture taker/maker of lists. The first is of course pictures.

The refection really makes this. Although, she had no reservations about having her picture taken.
The second would be for me to seek adventure; provide you with funny stories and experiences to back up these photos.
And, of course, lists.
So without further ado, to better know me, a small list of facts about me.

* I'm a lover of all animals. Except bulls. Those things are massive. Like a dinosaur.
That's not the bull...I was too scared to get close to that thing.

* I'm allergic to flour. But I love it. Most off the things I miss aren't what you'd expect though, like cake. No. I miss flour tortillas and bagels. Grilled cheese sandwiches and pita bread. Mmmmm

* I have a new found love for Utah. Who knew such a boring sounding state would be so beautiful. Also I have apparently thought Utah was Arizona for like, my entire life.

So beautiful. I practically hopped with joy when I crawled out of my tent and saw this.

* and last but best, I have an incredible family. A circle of the absolute best people in the world. The tops of all these people is my hubs. He makes me gluten free pancakes and makes me listen to bands because he knows I'll love them.


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