Friday, March 23, 2012

The World Famous Milestone is an inspiration

I know I promised a post about about my amazing friends. However, St. Patrick's day got the best of me. It's coming and it will be worth a read. Promise.

Let's talk about the place these awesome people go to do their drinking. It offers all the best things a ghetto fortress can and all the best people in the entire world. On any given night the amount of friendly faces will overwhelm. If you don't know the people there you soon will. They will welcome with all the warmth of your grandmothers house with about 300 times the booze. Good music will play and then you'll warm up to the bar but not before being warmly welcomed at the door.

Maybe I'm biased but this place is family. I noticed recently, while spending a fair amount of time there after all the bands were done and the everyone had gone home, that it's the place, the actual building that inspires me. It's always been a fantastic place to take photos. Almost any photographer in Charlotte will tell you that. The lighting, the people who understand your mission and will let you move around them seamlessly, it never ending, never boring walls.

I've decided that in addition to being inspirational and helping to create art it also is a magnet for extremely talented people. Extremely humble and fantastic human beings who make it the home that it is to so many people. That being said I should share some of those faces.

The absolute best thing about this place, other than all my favorite people being inside it, is the awesomeness of the message it sends. The walls are covered in messages. Little things people want you to learn. I think this lends to the energy. A sort of inspiration by osmosis or something. Knowledge that you didn't know you were gaining just by walking in the door.

Or this little gem:

One thing is blatantly clear. This place is magic. It makes magic and magical people come here.
I hope if you've never been there that you soon change that.

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