Friday, March 23, 2012

The World Famous Milestone is an inspiration

I know I promised a post about about my amazing friends. However, St. Patrick's day got the best of me. It's coming and it will be worth a read. Promise.

Let's talk about the place these awesome people go to do their drinking. It offers all the best things a ghetto fortress can and all the best people in the entire world. On any given night the amount of friendly faces will overwhelm. If you don't know the people there you soon will. They will welcome with all the warmth of your grandmothers house with about 300 times the booze. Good music will play and then you'll warm up to the bar but not before being warmly welcomed at the door.

Maybe I'm biased but this place is family. I noticed recently, while spending a fair amount of time there after all the bands were done and the everyone had gone home, that it's the place, the actual building that inspires me. It's always been a fantastic place to take photos. Almost any photographer in Charlotte will tell you that. The lighting, the people who understand your mission and will let you move around them seamlessly, it never ending, never boring walls.

I've decided that in addition to being inspirational and helping to create art it also is a magnet for extremely talented people. Extremely humble and fantastic human beings who make it the home that it is to so many people. That being said I should share some of those faces.

The absolute best thing about this place, other than all my favorite people being inside it, is the awesomeness of the message it sends. The walls are covered in messages. Little things people want you to learn. I think this lends to the energy. A sort of inspiration by osmosis or something. Knowledge that you didn't know you were gaining just by walking in the door.

Or this little gem:

One thing is blatantly clear. This place is magic. It makes magic and magical people come here.
I hope if you've never been there that you soon change that.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pimpin' the world one smile at a time.

I like seeing people smile.

If I hear someone I love say they aren't enjoying their day, I want to change it.
But my absolute favorite, is getting a good smile in my viewfinder. A real genuine, happy smile.I know I say it a lot but capturing a true, honest moment is kind of what I love about photography. The world seems so simple when the image shows the true nature of the time.

My favorite nights in this little adverture of mine are here at home, with the best of all the people I know. Sitting around our kitchen table and discussing all the silliest and serious things we experience. But we never stop smiling. All conversations lead to jokes and all my friends (read: family) are funny. Any given moment will be an all out laugh, or a sneaky little grin.

The strangest thing I've noticed while living in this house, something that caught me sort of by surprise. Is how few pictures I have of people just enjoying conversation. People get so self conscious when the camera is around they become serious. Sure they smile, they laugh and pose. But the real smile, the one that happens when you let your guard down. Thats a hard creature to capture.

My most favorite, though is the full on belly aching laughter. The one where your head goes back, or you have to cover your face. Cross your legs or pull them up from laugh seizures. Where you can't remember yourself because your entire body is enveloped in this laugh. Being happy isn't a state of mind, it's a series of moments where you allow yourself to forget you and just be. These moments happen so frequently in this house. It never ceases to amaze me.

In the next few days I'm going to do a post featuring these beautiful people and our favorite past time... In honor of St. Patricks Day. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Learning me

I decided that my first post should be an introduction. I've learned over the past few years that I didn't really know me, I imagine most of you don't either.
I'm a photographer..but I like to think of myself as more of a picture taker, a capturer of moments.

I love snapping when people are telling a story or a joke. Something that delights them genuine emotion can't be replaced with a posed portrait. I think this must be the reason that children and animals photograph do well. The ability to forget yourself and just be really allows for a good picture. Anxiousness and nerves translate, maybe this is why I don't photograph well. Maybe.
No idea, but I'm sure it was a hilarious joke...
I have also been told, from a seemingly reliable source, that making lists really makes life better. I make lists of things I love, things I've learned, people I love, and even things I list. It's a real stress reliever.
I want you, my avid reader, to expect things from me as a writer/picture taker/maker of lists. The first is of course pictures.

The refection really makes this. Although, she had no reservations about having her picture taken.
The second would be for me to seek adventure; provide you with funny stories and experiences to back up these photos.
And, of course, lists.
So without further ado, to better know me, a small list of facts about me.

* I'm a lover of all animals. Except bulls. Those things are massive. Like a dinosaur.
That's not the bull...I was too scared to get close to that thing.

* I'm allergic to flour. But I love it. Most off the things I miss aren't what you'd expect though, like cake. No. I miss flour tortillas and bagels. Grilled cheese sandwiches and pita bread. Mmmmm

* I have a new found love for Utah. Who knew such a boring sounding state would be so beautiful. Also I have apparently thought Utah was Arizona for like, my entire life.

So beautiful. I practically hopped with joy when I crawled out of my tent and saw this.

* and last but best, I have an incredible family. A circle of the absolute best people in the world. The tops of all these people is my hubs. He makes me gluten free pancakes and makes me listen to bands because he knows I'll love them.